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Our Approach

Professor Toto was produced by François Thibaut, Founder and Director of the acclaimed Language Workshop for Children (LWFC) educational centers, located nationwide. CNN named Thibaut "one of a very few experts in teaching languages to small children." Now with Professor Toto children everywhere can learn a new language with The Language Workshop for Children.

Only Professor Toto and LWFC use the innovative Thibaut Technique®, the distinctive teaching method pioneered by Thibaut in 1973. His method allows kids to learn naturally, by hearing, not translating. First they hear, then they understand, and finally they speak. Thibaut's method combines a carefully structured curriculum with a child's innate love of play. And like LWFC classrooms, Professor Toto brings a child's mind to life with color, humor, friends, and action. Kids laugh, respond, and become emotionally involved so their minds' absorb everything they are seeing, hearing, and saying.

And Thibaut Technique® learning tools immerse youngsters in a new language with native speakers, so they acquire an excellent, "business standard" accent. With Professor Toto kids can master a language's distinct sounds and grammar, build vocabulary, and practice new words in a happy, child-friendly environment, just like they do in LWFC classrooms. That's why kids want to watch again and again.

Professor Toto is the only educational language animation developed by a practicing, professional children's language educator who knows that children thrive on emotion and interaction, and learn differently. So his Professor Toto's DVDs let kids learn visually. His CD's stimulate them audially, his workbooks appeal to their tactile senses, and he adds color and humor to trigger emotion.

Only Professor Toto combines a renowned, classroom-proven method and specialist expertise. That's why it works and why it won six major children's media awards. Best of all Professor Toto lets parents capture the window of opportunity years when children possess their greatest capacity to absorb and retain language.


After teaching in Paris school system, Thibaut moves to New York and teaches French to adults. One year later, "This crazy French man" begins teaching his native language to toddlers and young children.

Thibaut starts working with songwriters musicians, illustrators, and grapic artists to develop his program's unique language- building props, books, and songs.

The French Workshop for Children appears in a major newspaper. Parents from all over the US call; some driving half a day to bring their children to the program.

WNYC recruits Thibaut to give a weekly French Friday for Children radio show. It's so successful that it is repeated for a number of years

Articles appear featuring studies by neurolinguists and child psychologists and confirming Thibaut's method and the fact that the younger the child, the more adaptable the child is to learning a new language.

Thibaut produces the Professor Toto at-home language education tools which go on to win six major children's media awards.