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...Visual and musical animations, interactive and dynamic conception, and pedagogy is present in a playful way in a colorful and funny world.... Read more

After viewing a segment in Mandarin, then replaying that same portion in English, she viewed both with quiet, receptive attention.... Read more

François Thibaut teaches children how to speak French. His...enthusiasm for what he is teaching is legendary... Read more

There's a world of difference between teaching young children a language with methods designed for them, such as the Thibaut Technique, and teaching them with methods adapted from lessons for adults... Read more

October 09, 1999
In Manhattan's Upper East Side, well-to-do parents line up around the block to enroll their infants and toddlers in François Thibaut's Language classes...
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May 06, 2010
Once our daughter got past her initial confusion of a Spanish-only setting, she was engaged by the fast-paced, lively class.
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Early learning is thriving in New York. It sounds like beginner's French, the only difference is that the students have not yet learned how to speak... Read more

Because Professor Toto and his funny characters make children laugh, they pay attention and learn... Read more

François Thibaut shows that tots can learn foreign languages even before they can speak. Thibaut teaches vocabulary with art that makes the child laugh... Read more

Professor Toto!: Check it out! Read more

I think that more and more parents realize that today we are living in a global world. It is extremely important to be able to speak at least two languages, preferably three or more.... Read more

Professor Toto is a system of lively,
colorful animated characters who engage
children through appealing foreign
language stories and lively play that
encourages students to sing songs and
answer question...
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About the Producer
François Thibaut

François Thibaut, founder of the acclaimed Language Workshop for Children Educational Program and creator of Professor Toto... is one of a very few experts in teaching
languages to small children.

Before François Thibaut founded his world-famous Language Workshop for Children® centers in 1973, American educators had waited until high school before offering formalized language instruction. But Thibaut had a better method.

Start Young
Thibaut recognizes that children make the best language students.
Don't Translate
Immersion is the key.
Don't Drill
Play. Children remember the words that make them happy.

Over the years his renowned Thibaut Technique successfully taught tens of thousands of children to learn new languages. Now Professor Toto brings the LWFC into homes and classrooms everywhere. Thibaut's method combines carefully structured curriculum with a child's innate love of play, capturing the window of opportunity years when children possess their greatest capacity to absorb and retain language and acquire flawless pronunciation.

Professor Toto systematically engages a child's mind with original LWFC songs, stimulating humor, interaction, prompts, time-tested visual aids, and more. Happy LWFC songs teach a language's distinct sounds, unique grammar, and every-day vocabulary, motivating kids to practice their new language. That is why Professor Toto won six major children's media awards. Bring Francois Thibaut's unique magic to your child with the Professor Toto Language Education Kit.

Mr. Thibaut is a member of the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the National Network for Early Language Learning (NELL), American Association of Teachers of French (ATTF), American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portugese (AATSP), American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI), the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey (FLENJ), and the National Afterschool Association.




After teaching in Paris school system, Thibaut moves to New York and teaches French to adults. One year later, "This crazy French man" begins teaching his native language to toddlers and young children.

Thibaut starts working with songwriters musicians, illustrators, and grapic artists to develop his program's unique language- building props, books, and songs.

The French Workshop for Children appears in a major newspaper. Parents from all over the US call; some driving half a day to bring their children to the program.

WNYC recruits Thibaut to give a weekly French Friday for Children radio show. It's so successful that it is repeated for a number of years

Articles appear featuring studies by neurolinguists and child psychologists and confirming Thibaut's method and the fact that the younger the child, the more adaptable the child is to learning a new language.

Thibaut produces the Professor Toto at-home language education tools which go on to win six major children's media awards.