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What Parents and Educators Say About Professor Toto

We immediately sat down with Hannah to watch it, and she was totally absorbed and repeated quite a few words with excellent pronunciation... these DVD's are great!
Ms. Hendricks

We have tried at least a dozen other products and by far, Professor Toto is the best!
Craig T. Galle, Esq.

This product holds children's interest - my 2 year old and 8 year old both like it. They learn without paperwork and studying - just enjoying.
E.K., OH, HOMESCHOOL.COM Award Reviewing Parent

Before we reach for a DVD, Logan quickly puts in his request, "Toto, Toto!" From the moment the first notes of the opening song he is hooked. Very often he is too excited to sit down..... Even after viewing the DVD's many times, he still waits in anticipation for each segment.
Mr. & Mrs. Ashkinazy

Our daughter Danielle loves the Professor Toto program. She wakes up in the morning and asks to watch it everyday. As she watches the program she repeats the words and sings to the songs. When we take Danielle on car trips, she asks to listen to the Professor Toto CD in the car.
Mr. & Mrs. Goodstein

Marley repeats the words from "Sing and Learn" and points to her body parts with "Las partes del cuerpo". I am so happy there is a decent Spanish language product. I love the coloring book and the Sing and Learn book. I love the animation. The story is fun, cute and engaging. The songs are fun.
Mr & Mrs. Meltzer

It is the first program that my daughter has requested in another language.
Mr. & Mrs. Hartman

The interplay in these videos between conversation and song is spellbinding.
Mrs. Benton

The tapes are lively and do not condescend as most children's material seems to do. Both of my children ask for these materials over and over again.
LWFC Parents

Lucas enjoys the transition with the bus arriving at the tunnel. He likes learning things in Spanish that he uses everyday - numbers, colors, animals, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. He LOVES the music!!!
Mrs. Bargeburhr

I would definitely recommend Professor Toto - it's a very comprehensive way to teach everyday vocabulary and grammar. Professor Toto helps to make French an everyday experience for my daughter.
Mrs. Cary

Lily enjoys watching the tapes and listening to the CDs. She considers it a treat so we watch or listen very often (together). I like the fact that the tapes/CDs are fun and educational so Lily learns and has fun at the same time.
Mrs. Pilblad

Full immersion in the language is the best way to learn! The only way to learn a language at a young age is to completely immerse the child in that language. Alexander loves the music tape. It is very well done.
Mrs. Gabay

I was privileged to field test the kit … the short spurt lessons follow the best practices for second language acquisition…
Heidi Spietz, American Montessori Consulting

Media Praise

...Visual and musical animations, interactive and dynamic conception, and pedagogy is present in a playful way in a colorful and funny world.... Read more

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October 09, 1999
In Manhattan's Upper East Side, well-to-do parents line up around the block to enroll their infants and toddlers in François Thibaut's Language classes...
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May 06, 2010
Once our daughter got past her initial confusion of a Spanish-only setting, she was engaged by the fast-paced, lively class.
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Early learning is thriving in New York. It sounds like beginner's French, the only difference is that the students have not yet learned how to speak... Read more

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François Thibaut shows that tots can learn foreign languages even before they can speak. Thibaut teaches vocabulary with art that makes the child laugh... Read more

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I think that more and more parents realize that today we are living in a global world. It is extremely important to be able to speak at least two languages, preferably three or more.... Read more

Professor Toto is a system of lively,
colorful animated characters who engage
children through appealing foreign
language stories and lively play that
encourages students to sing songs and
answer question...
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