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What forms of payment do you accept?

Pay by credit card through our secure shopping cart. You may also send a personal or corporate check or money order made payable to The Language Workshop for Children, along with your order details and mailed to:
The Language Workshop for Children, 888 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10065

What are my shipping, handling, and international import costs?

The cost of shipping and handling Professor Toto is added to your online order and depends upon your delivery address (please see shipping costs below). Shipping and handling fees for delivery outside the US, Canada or Mexico do not show on your online order. We determine the amount and add it to your order. (Please see shipping costs below).

Continental US
Orders are sent by UPS Ground.

FULL MULTIMEDIA KITS: Approximately $16.95 each.

TRADITIONAL SONGS CD: $5.95 for first CD + $1 per each additional CD. FREE if ordered and shipped with the Full Multimedia Kit.

All shipments are sent by US Post Office. Import duties and tariffs are assessed locally by the receiving post office. Please note that under NAFTA Canadian buyers pay no import duties or tariffs.

FULL MULTIMEDIA KITS: $24.95 for the first multimedia kit + $9.95 per each additional kit.

TRADITIONAL SONGS CD: $9.95 for first CD + $4.95 per each additional CD - FREE if ordered and shipped with the Full Multimedia Kit.

All shipments are sent by US Post Office. Import duties and tariffs are assessed locally by the receiving post office. Please note that under NAFTA Mexican buyers pay no import duties or tariffs.

FULL MULTIMEDIA KITS: $29.95 for the first multimedia kit plus $12.95 per each additional kit.

TRADITIONAL SONGS CD: $14.95 for first CD + $6.95 per each additional CD - FREE if ordered and shipped with the Full Multimedia Kit.

Other International
All shipments are sent by US Post Office. Import duties and tariffs are assessed locally by the receiving post office. The Post Office determines the exact amount of shipping
and add the same amount to your order.


I'd like to take advantage of my 30-day money back guarantee on my Full Professor Toto Multimedia kit. How do I do that?
First contact Professor Toto by phone at 877.444.9595 or email info@professortoto.com to register your return.
All goods must be returned in good, resalable condition to avoid having your refund adjusted for missing or damaged pieces (such as used coloring books).
Ship insured and traceable returns through UPS, Federal Express, or DHL so that in the event that we do not receive your return kit, you have proof of shipment.

Address and deliver returns within 30 days of original receipt to:
The Language Workshop for Children
888 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Do not return to any other address.
After receipt we will refund your purchase price by your original method of payment. Shipping, handling, and import duties/tariffs are not refundable.

What is your privacy policy?
Professor Toto values your trust so we only collect the information we need to fulfill your order and don't share information with outside parties. But we may need to share information with credit card processing, mailing, or web host companies, however, these firms are not authorized to use the information we share with them for any other purpose.
Is my credit card information secure?
We have appropriate security safeguards to protect and secure the information we collect. Our Web sites use Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit information, including your credit card number, before it travels over the Internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions. Because we use SSL, placing an order online at one of our Web sites is just as safe as giving your credit card number over the phone.
How is Professor Toto different from other children's language programs?
Professor Toto's producer, the Language Workshop for Children, has specialized in teaching languages to children of all ages since 1973. CNN called Francois Thibaut "...one of a very few experts in teaching languages to small children." Only Professor Toto gives your child the same top-quality technique and materials that has been successfully used, in LWFC classrooms, to teach tens of thousands of children for more than 37 years. No other children's language educational media producer has a comparable track record or the expertise of François Thibaut's Language Workshop for Children.
Why is it important to learn a language at such a young age?
Children possess a unique neurological capacity to absorb and remember the sounds of many different languages. This ability diminishes over time. A child's critical language learning period typically ends at about the age of 13. The sooner you begin, the easier it will be for your child to learn.

How should my child use Professor Toto?
We created Professor Toto as a flexible learning tool so there are myriad ways for your child to enjoy his kit. Very young children are typically content with watching Professor Toto Part I in the target language right away. Some children can only watch it in small bursts, while others are perfectly happy to watch the entire DVD. Just pay attention to your child's preferences. There's no perfectly right or wrong way for a youngster to watch Professor Toto.

Children ages 6 to 12 may probably feel more comfortable watching the English version before they watch the Target language (French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, or German). A ten-year-old might read the foreign language script as he watches the foreign language Toto DVD or the Eric's Day English script, and then alternate between the picture book and a CD. As he or she develops more understanding of the language, he can eliminate the English script and continue with the CD and DVD.

Another way that children may enjoy the kit is by alternating the DVDs with the music CDs. Not only do youngsters enjoy variety, but they exercise a different set of learning skills when focusing on the audio CDs.

Finally, we recommend that you spread out the varying elements of the Full Professor Toto Educational Kit over a period of time. Professor Toto is a lifetime investment for your child, and there's no need to rush.

How is Word Power used?
All children benefit from Word Power, which reviews all basic vocabulary learned in Professor Toto Parts I (including Eric's Day) and II. Younger children might get more out of Word Power if they begin with Sing & Learn and Professor Toto Parts I and II. Then, they can wait a few weeks as they become familiar with the new sounds and words in the DVDs before starting Word Power. Older children may be ready to begin reviewing the terms in Word Power after just one or two viewings of Professor Toto.
Why do you teach with songs?
They are immensely valuable tools with which to teach children a new language, songs:
  • Guide a child to articulate and use their new language;
  • Let kids practice sounding out new pronunciation in a way they don't feel self-conscious or embarrassed;
  • Are fun and help youngsters have a good time;
  • Help us convey meaning, grammar and build vocabulary;
  • Make reinforcement easy;
The Language Workshop for Children's Professor Toto songs are filled with friendly child-relevant words, sentences, and common grammatical patterns. This way kids can learn grammar naturally, not through the boring drills.
Which language should I choose?
Since the United States is rapidly becoming a bilingual nation, Spanish-English speakers command a premium in the US workplace. French is melodious, romantic, spoken by 80 million people, and remains one of the major languages of diplomacy: Mandarin Chinese, the business language of China, is spoken by about 875 million people and requisite to do business with one of the world's major economies. About 60 million people speak Italian, and although it is quantitatively less important, Italian remains one of the world's most beautiful cultures and important for fashion, home decor manufacturing, and other fields. Finally, since Germany remains a world-leader in engineering, medicine, chemicals and a host of other specialties, German is another sensible choice.
My child already speaks both English and Spanish; should I add French?
That depends upon how well he is speaking Spanish. For example if he acquired most of his Spanish intermittently through a housekeeper and could use more work building vocabulary, learning grammar, and practicing pronunciation, I would choose Spanish. But if the child became fluent by only speaking Spanish with a parent, his Spanish is probably strong enough to select a new language. It should be easier for him to learn a third language because he already understands the fundamentals of his first two. Generally if a child is under three, it is easier for him to acquire a fourth language.

Children who have already developed the ability to store and process one or two languages can more easily acquire a third or fourth. We store our talents in our brain. So, like a sports skill, if our brains already hold the hand-eye and motor skills we need to play tennis, it is easier for us to learn play lacrosse or basketball.
General Advice
When introducing your child to Professor Toto, it's important to remember that learning another language should be fun. Please don't make Professor Toto a chore or homework.

Every child is unique and Professor Toto is designed to accommodate different learning styles. Mix the elements of the kit to best suit your child's interest.
More questions?
We're always happy to help. Contact us at 1-877-444-9595 or at 1-212-396-0830 (for international callers) or at info@professortoto.com with your questions during the regular business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (USA-EST).