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Professor Toto's Watch & Learn Kit Part 2
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Give Your Child the Gift of a Second Language

With Professor Toto Kids Laugh, Sing, Color, Watch, Hear and Really Learn.

Professor Toto is a series of multi-award winning language education tools for ages 2 to 8. Animated DVDs, song-filled CDs, and colorful workbooks introduce a stimulating menagerie of characters who teach French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or German. Youngsters watch and laugh with other students and a funny professor. They sing language-building songs and interact in lively classroom lessons. Best of all, because students are emotionally engaged and immersed in their new language, they really learn. Professor Toto is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and K-6. Since children remember the words that make them happy, Professor Toto’s students really learn. That’s why Professor Toto won six major children’s educational media awards.